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Consulting & Training for low-stress work with cattle

Cattles are not stressed; thereby they are driven in the corral, the claws are cut or, it may sounds provocative, the calves are sold. The cattle are stressed by the way we do it. When you do it well, you can drive a cow quietly and simply stand in the corral or the crush, it handles let it out here, and immediately drive back in, in order to deal with it a second time. The cattle can handle it. But they cannot deal with the stress that we create.

Low-stress stockmanship can be learnt by anyone who is willing. The main quality to deal with the animals is not strength, but attention. The idea is to understand the animal and to position the animal properly. Everything happens with calm, quiet and harmonious moves. It is not necessary to run. Who runs has previously missed crucial signs.

It's important for me that the seminar participants will be able to implement low-stress stockmanship. I mention it, because it even came the question of whether it is in order to get orders for services. No, of course not! I offer low-stress stockmanship as a service for herds that are weaned from the people, or if anyone has scheduling problems and as cannot beat off the animals at the right time.


It is primarily addressed to organisms of breeding and advice that want their members to get to know the low-stress stockmanship in the context of meetings, regional group meetings or similar things. All the presentations do not last the same time, while the principles and application of low-stress stockmanship will be presented. Lectures are particularly suited to get an idea of the method.


Day seminars with convenient demonstrations for groups or independent operations

This offer is aimed for practitioners who want to learn the low-stress stockmanship to make it work in their company. The techniques and the exact procedure will be explained and demonstrated. I like working with a board to illustrate the walkways, etc. One important point during these seminars is the conversation with participants, and to get the issues and experiences of the group.

Training course for independent operations

They are in principle similar to one-day seminars, but they also offer the opportunity to contract precisely the feature of the operation or to engross some aspects or clarify issues that appeared during the implantation.


Initiation week of low-stress stockmanship

This offer is particularly suitable for larger companies with many herds, in order to work in the company intensively during a period and to work with different people and herds.


You want to improve continuously your livestock and your results, to make changes in the organization and structure of your farming? You want to increase the competence of your employees. Coaching is then the appropriate method.

General Business Consulting

This is general business consulting on issues of business management, grazing management and pasture improvement. It is good cost control especially in the attitude of grazing animals in order to achieve positive results with low margins. The potential of the pasture will often not be nearly exhausted concerning the benefit and the quantity.


To work with herds that are weaned from the people.