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Dairy cattle and stockmanship - safe dairy handling and efficient cow comfort

The fact that LSS and mother cows have something in common makes sense to me. And it is relevant and successfully for dairy cattle too? Dairy cattle have indeed an acute contact with humans. At least it will be milked twice a day. This is on closer consideration understandable. The herds of dairy cattle are larger, the demands and terms such as "cow comfort" are today normal. However, when we now mention “comfort”, it does not only mean the stable equipment but also the handling of the animals, in summary the service.

More and more dairy farmers are interested in the low-stress handling of their animals. Because, actually, we know it from our daily experience: The fact that someone you met two times a day does not mean that there are stress-free meetings. Even it occurs rarely hopefully: I was already reported that dairy cows which were for treatment by the veterinarian, after they were completely exhausted.

Dairy cows achieve high and very high performance. Such services need an optimal environment, and require a low-stress handling of the animals. It is known for a long time that there is a big influence on performance according to different milkers. LSS helps to understand how we can work with the animals around the milking to make it low-stress (it holds also for calves and heifers).